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Mustache-fueled. Caddyshack-infused. Ron Burgundy-channeled. Hosted annually in Austin, Texas by The Founders.

Each spring we join together to celebrate mustaches, beverages, four-button plackets, flat-front pants and a bit of golf.

The goal is singular. Save Lions Municipal Golf Course.

This year, with the help of co-host Criquet Shirts, The Invitational will direct all profits directly to SaveMuny. For clarification: this is a charity, you animals, designed specifically to save your golf course. So let's get generous.

Block your calendars. On Saturday, April 2nd, 2016 we SaveMuny!

The wait list is long, the demand is at an all time high. Spots will be limited. You will pay through the nose to participate and you will like it.

Registration will be sent directly to you when we invite you. Remember, it's...

The Invitational